Readiness Checklist

To benefit from our consulting services, you'll need a few things in place:


501(c)3 non-profit organization status.

An annual operating budget.

Plans to launch within one to two years, if not already operating.

Partnership with community food banks, kitchens, government agencies, social service providers, faith-based groups or others.

Existing operations or plans to start a foodservice job training, community feeding program or social enterprises (businesses to help fund your mission such as catering, café or restaurant).

A consulting budget. A consultation focused on feasibility and strategy typically costs $1,000.  A 12-15 month engagement including program design and job-training curriculum averages $30,000.


If you have all of these items in place, please fill out our request services form.


If you do not yet meet our readiness criteria, see our tips to prepare for consulting services.