Donate today to support programs everywhere

The Catalyst Kitchens network uses donations to provide support to member programs across the country. We seek to enrich and expand the vital role our members perform in their communities through teaching, food, and services to those in need. Every dollar helps to change lives.


Our National Work

The team at Catalyst Kitchens works to ensure all our members have access to the resources, support, events, curriculums, data, and best practices that can take their work and programs to the next level. To keep our network affordable to all nonprofits who want to join, we keep our annual dues low and accessible. This means member dues cover on average 50% of our budget to fund the national team and member services.

Give today to help sustain the network and our team’s work to uplift programs everywhere.

Funding to Members

Catalyst Kitchens also acts as a funding partner to our member organizations. We leverage our knowledge of member nonprofits to work alongside them and innovate for the future of culinary job training and social enterprise. With targeted funding campaigns we can create immediate impact through broad re-granting programs that amplify our members’ work. We also fund efforts to keep our members involved in our events and other professional development opportunities through travel stipends and scholarships.

Give today and have your money impact programs across our entire network.

Donations via check are also welcome. Please make those payable to:

Mission Edge / Catalyst Kitchens
P.O. Box 102894
Pasadena, CA 91189-2894

Catalyst Kitchens is currently a fiscally sponsored project of Mission Edge. All donations are tax-deductible through Mission Edge San Diego, Tax ID: 27-2938491

For other funding opportunities, donations, volunteer opportunities, or partnerships, please email