Thank you for your support

The work we do to accomplish our national mission and aid our members with their individual missions would not be possible without the generous funding and donations of the organizations and individuals listed below. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and belief in what we do.

Jacques Pépin Foundation

The Jacques Pépin Foundation supports free culinary and life skills training, through community based organizations, that helps individuals detached from the workforce gain confidence, skills, and employment in food service. They are both a donor to Catalyst Kitchens and many of our individual member programs.

Focusing Philanthropy

Focusing Philanthropy believes extraordinary impact is possible if we focus on root causes, maximize leverage, act on solid information, and pool our efforts. They believe donations should be made with the same level of strategic intent, information, and confidence as other investments. We are honored to work with them to solve human challenges and harness the power of individual donors. Their rigorous approach to funding, reporting, and measuring impact amplifies the work of Catalyst Kitchens and our members.

Toast, the all-in-one digital platform built for restaurants, awarded $1.25 million in grants from, the company’s philanthropic arm, to nonprofit organizations striving to enrich the food experience for all by addressing critical issues in the food system. is focused on creating a healthier, more sustainable and equitable world where people have enough nutritious and culturally relevant food to eat, where restaurant workers earn a living wage, where surplus food isn’t wasted, and where a diverse and inclusive restaurant community provides opportunity and generates impact.

Interested in becoming a funder partner to the Catalyst Kitchens network and our nationwide impact?

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