Since 2011, the Catalyst Kitchens Network

placed over 17000 individuals

experiencing barriers to employment in jobs

served over 120 million meals

to their communities

contributed $ 392 million

into their local economies

Why data is important:

The bar is set high for foodservice job training programs serving vulnerable populations. Our work is to successfully launch students into their careers by managing their past trauma including incarceration, a lack of work history and a distrust of others. It is not a handout, it is a hand up, and this requires a lot of hard work from students. Our programs need to provide a safe space for students to try, fail and try again.

The stats above are just a small sample of our work with data. We collect program outcomes data from our member network annually to inform our content and produce benchmarking reports. Data requested includes information about populations served, number of graduates, program retention rates, number of meals served, and more. This information informs the educational resources we create, the partnerships we pursue, and our advocacy for the people our programs serve.