Benefit: Peer Networking

We create opportunities for our members to learn from each other’s successes and failures.  The national team stays up to date on member progress and innovation so nobody has to go it alone.  Events give members a chance to experience peer programs in-person.

  • National Summits
  • Regional Summits
  • Trainings and Workshops
  • Monthly IDEA Groups
  • Catered Peer-to-Peer Connections
  • Member and Staff Directories

Benefit: Best Practices

We collect resources from our members, network partners, and relevant organizations around the country to fill a resource library of curriculums, how-to’s, and best practices.  We research and create guides and trainings for our members.

  • Curriculums
  • Social Enterprise Guidance
  • Case Management Materials
  • Hunger Relief Logistics
  • Fundraising Guides

Benefit: Data and Impact

We track collective outcomes for our members, set standards for program and business performance, and build a culture of data fluency across our network. Our members can prepare for all types of impact and react to change more quickly

  • Benchmarks in Peer Categories for Org Size, Population Served, Region, and More
  • Key Performance Indicators Set Network-wide Annually
  • Trainings on Working with Data

Benefit: Partnerships

Our members are their own organizations, but commit to spreading the name and strength of Catalyst Kitchens, increasing access to resources, discounts and funding for all programs, big and small.  All our members get opportunities be national leaders.

  • Vendor Partners
    • Culinary and nonprofit services and products
    • In-kind gifts
    • Network-wide discounts
  • Collaborative Partners
    • Free shared resources and services
    • Partners that can enhance mission-related work
  • Funding Partners
    • Opportunities pre-identified as fits for our members
  • Collective Branding as a Member

Benefit: Leadership

The network brings together a unique group of leaders – chefs, executives, social workers, restauranteurs – who are committed to changing the world through food. Together, we elevate each other’s work and push our industries forward with thought leadership and the free exchange of ideas and practices.

  • Model Member Designations – get your program evaluated by your peers and designated as a leader in the context of national best practices
  • Board Leadership Opportunities – Catalyst Kitchens is led by a board of staff from our member programs
  • Professional Development and Mentoring – connect with your peers to find solace, growth, and the opportunities to teach and learn.

Benefit: Funding

We utilize the impact, stories, and hard work of our members to fundraise on their behalf, seeking funds for areas of need and innovation.  Network members are more free to take risks to build better programs when we have their backs.

  • Funds for Hunger Relief Meals
  • Re-Granted Unrestricted Funds
  • Funds for Trainings and Professional Development
  • Business Start-up Funds
  • Travel Scholarships to Attend Events and Conferences

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