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A Multi-Program Approach to Marketing: An Interview with Appetite for Change

Picture1 Appetite for Change uses food to create community, to grow leaders, and advocate for social change in Minneapolis. They manage many different programs to connect their community under one shared goal. Their programs include:
  • Community Cooks: Cooking classes available to the public.
  • Urban Agriculture: Urban farms providing fresh produce to local restaurants, grocers, and farmer's markets.
  • Northside Fresh: Food justice and advocacy group for leadership development, outreach and direct action.
  • Kindred Kitchen: Incubator kitchen as a resource for local small and/or startup food businesses.
  • Breaking Bread Cafe: Restaurant open to the public that houses their youth culinary training program.
  • Training and Opportunities: Leadership development for youth to support growth and future employment opportunities.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwJwSYh2r4c&w=560&h=315]

Appetite for Change (AFC) clearly has a lot going on - with so many programs operating that target different businesses, populations, and public interests, how do you promote them all properly? We talk to Blaire Molitor, AFC's Communications and Development Manager about how she juggling all these marketing campaigns at once. [gallery ids="679,680,683,681" type="rectangular"]   Want to learn more about AFC's many programs? Check out their site here. Next in our Marketing and Branding Series we will talk to Bloom Bakery about a business-forward approach to marketing. Towards Employment - biz then mission   Want to check out more videos? Here is the CK Marketing & Branding Video Series overview:
  1. Introductory Video - what kind of marketing strategies are we talking about?
  2. FareStart, Seattle, WA: mission and business are presented as a unit
  3. Human Resource Development Council of District IX (HRDC), Bozeman, MT: mission and business are marketed separately
  4. Appetite for Change, Minneapolis, MN: one larger mission with multiple programs and businesses under one umbrella
  5. Towards Employment, Cleveland, OH: business first, then mission

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