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The HRDC on a Separate Business and Mission Marketing Strategy

  Next stop in our CK Branding Series: We'll speak with the Human Resource Development Council of District IX in Bozeman, Montana about their dine-in restaurant the Fork and Spoon Homestyle Kitchen and Higher Ground, their youth barista training program. HRDC - separate The HRDC markets their businesses and their mission separately for the flexibility to discuss the business or the social impact to different audiences when appropriate. When they are in front of an interested donor or volunteer, they can speak to their social services, when speaking to a hungry new potential customer, they can market their scratch cooking menu items and welcoming atmosphere. During our interview, we discuss:
  • The HRDC's Pay What You Can Model
  • When the HRDC uses their mission or businesses based on the audience
  • Rebranding process from a community feeding operation to a public restaurant
  • The HRDC's youth barista training program "Higher Ground" and how the two businesses are connected
  • Spreading awareness about social enterprise as a new market solution

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqy4piMH3Dg&w=560&h=315]

[gallery ids="660,662,663" type="rectangular"] Learn more about the HRDC, their Fork & Spoon Homestyle Kitchen, or Higher Ground by following these links. Next in the Series: Appetite for Change in Minneapolis, Minnesota on a multi-program approach to marketing. AFC - many missions Want to check out more videos? Here is the CK Marketing & Branding Video Series overview:
  1. Introductory Video - what kind of marketing strategies are we talking about?
  2. FareStart, Seattle, WA: mission and business are presented as a unit
  3. Human Resource Development Council of District IX (HRDC), Bozeman, MT: mission and business are marketed separately
  4. Appetite for Change, Minneapolis, MN: one larger mission with multiple programs and businesses under one umbrella
  5. Towards Employment, Cleveland, OH: business first, then mission

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