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The Balance of Mission and Business in Social Enterprise Marketing

Marketing Series Cover Photo Welcome to our Catalyst Kitchens Branding Video Series! Four Catalyst Kitchens member organizations answer the question: How do their organizations balance the social mission of their culinary job training programs and the business promotions to support their bottom line? Social enterprises operate business lines that serve an overarching social impact goal - within the Catalyst Kitchens member network, our members operate food businesses to create revenue and training value for their culinary students . Our members' mission is to train individuals to find employment in the culinary industry. Is it best to ensure that all your customers know about the social mission, or is it best to manage the business and the nonprofit separately? Different strategies are useful for different organizations, within this series we uncover the motivations behind these strategic marketing decisions and how they have affected the organization as a whole. Learn from communications strategies across the Catalyst Kitchens network! Our videos will be released on a weekly basis. Here are our participants and their marketing strategies:
  1. FareStart, Seattle, WA: mission and business are presented as a unit
  2. Human Resource Development Council of District IX (HRDC), Bozeman, MT: mission and business are marketed separately
  3. Appetite for Change, Minneapolis, MN: one larger mission with multiple programs and businesses under one umbrella
  4. Towards Employment, Cleveland, OH: business first, then mission

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCLKYhFXBTM&w=560&h=315]

  Special thanks to all involved in making this project a reality for their time and thoughtful conversation. Coming Up Next: Marketing Mission and Business Together with FareStart. Picture2

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