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“We Use Social Enterprise to Change Lives”: Updates from Model Member UMOM New Day Centers

UMOM is Focusing Forward in 2018! Our mission is to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual. At UMOM New Day Centers, we use social enterprise to change lives. Helpings Café and Catering provides delicious, hand-crafted menu items, job training and hope. UMOM is thrilled to have just launched our first cohort model of Homegrown Training in early January. Our Homegrown food service training program delivers 6 weeks of hands-on kitchen and barista training in UMOM’s own Café and Residential Dining facilities under the guidance of chef instructors, expert staff members, and Homegrown program graduates. The ultimate goal of our Homegrown Training program is to avoid future homelessness. We do it by helping clients build their skills and establish a foundation for jobs in the food service and hospitality industries. A solid job can put permanent housing within reach. [gallery ids="530,531,527" type="rectangular"] UMOM is very excited to be hosting the upcoming Catalyst Kitchen’s Southwest Regional Summit on March 29th and 30th. UMOM has benefited significantly from our membership in Catalyst Kitchen by leveraging the experiences and expertise from social enterprise leaders throughout the country. One of the things that makes being a CK member great is that you can learn from other organizations regarding training curriculum, operations, and building sales. In Helpings Café & Catering, UMOM benefits significantly from being able to share branding with Starbucks coffee that helps drive sales and save costs. As UMOM looks to grow our social enterprise in 2018-19, we know that being a CK member will help support that expansion. We are extremely excited about the opportunity in the future for the network to expand its partnerships with national brands that can support developing resources and employment opportunities for our training program. “From the very beginning, there has been a single driving force behind everything we do: the fundamental belief that every human being, no matter his or her status, deserves dignity, respect and a home. We spend every day working to make that vision become a reality.” – Darlene Newsom, CEO

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