Catalyst Kitchens

Since 2011, the Catalyst Kitchens Network
Placed over 17,000

individuals experiencing barriers to employment in jobs

Served over 120 million

meals to their communities

Contributed $392 million

into their local economies

Job Training that Works, Kitchens that Give Back

Catalyst Kitchens is a national network of social enterprise and non-profit organizations with teaching kitchens leading a movement to end joblessness through foodservice job training & social enterprise.

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About our Work with Members

Each of our member programs is unique in how they serve their community. Explore some of Catalyst Kitchens’ stories of triumph, perseverance, and success as our members change lives for the better through food and the culinary arts.

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Find the member program closest to you today, and learn about their programs, goals, and the ways you can engage with them as a collaborator, volunteer, and customer at their social enterprise. Many of our members also sell products you can buy anywhere.

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Our Latest Member Highlights

Catalyst Kitchens exists to uplift and enhance the amazing work of our members. Here are some of the latest stories from around our network.

Thinking About Joining Catalyst Kitchens?

We are a network build by our members to serve as a
community of practice for all those engaging in this work. We share resources, expertise, and create spaces where the people doing this
work can learn from, teach, and grow with each other to better serve
their communities.

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